April 26, 2017


Modern dental clinic started its activities on completely new conceptual frameworks. Therefore, in order to meet the future needs of customers, the hospital must hold some meetings at a professional level. Due to such a wide variety of services different results are achieved in the expansion of integrated services of the clinic, in creating customer loyalty and in the treatment of patients. Taking into account the fact that the medical clinic staff consists mainly of doctors, qualified specialists, their role in the clinic activity becomes crucial. If the organization wants to be a stable and competitive in its work, it is necessary to consider all these issues.

To solve these problems Armada Dental Academy has developed a new method for business cooperation with dental clinics. In our country, we have created a consulting and educational complex that is unparalleled to date. The main directions of our work are the principles of theoretical and practical training, competitiveness, as well as organization and management, consulting training.

ADA provides service at a high level by good specialists, surgeons, dentists, as well as new technology.

ADA in his team combined the best consultants, experienced surgeons and dentists, and included in its ranks modern technical arsenal to create a high level of service. Academy for short term holds trainings for doctors newly started to the activity. Each individual case will be carefully considered and discussed among experts. The Academy, in turn, can arrange referrals for meetings, training in the field of dentistry, dental surgery and technology.

Armada Dental Academy is a unique organization in comparison with existing enterprises. All classrooms and offices are equipped in accordance with the standards of the latest technology. Training participants are offered the opportunity to participate in the online conferences with unique teaching materials, as well as with foreign experts who confirmed himself in the world of dentistry. The workshops will consist of lectures, derived from materials with practical results. During training you will be familiarized with the general theoretical articles, how to handle the tools and special equipment. Practical training is carried out in accordance with the criteria of the modern market of teeth in the offices equipped with the latest technology to meet the criteria of modern dental equipment. Along with our participants of training our colleagues in this area may also be involved and be able to share their experience in private practice. Graduates of ADA mastering a broad base of

knowledge in the future may improve themselves independently.

 ADA, along with educational activities provides its participants with additional services, too. ADA club as part of the Academy offers discounts and similar services in popular restaurants and shops of our city. Along with this, each participant of ADA club will be entitled to participate in all the amusement events that will be organized by the Armada Dental Academy.

We offer you our official website – Armada Dental Academy – www.dentalakademiya.az.  The purpose of the website is to provide more information on the role and activities of the Academy. In sections of the site you can find full information about upcoming training schedule, on the principal lecturers, as well as the latest news in the world of dentistry.

Each user shall have the right to submit an application online through the site to participate in ADA club, training and seminars or online registration to obtain advice from experts in the field of dentistry.