April 26, 2017

Armada Dental Club

1. About the Club:

Armada Dental Club is a club that was created at the company “Armada LLC.” The abbreviated name of “ADA Club.”

2. Purpose and Scope:

Our goal is to mediate when meeting, creating relations of doctors and technicians working in the dental sector and organization of all cultural activities in this direction. In order to assist in increasing the knowledge of doctors and technicians in dentistry our club arranges  the publication, distribution and delivery to the archive of books, magazines, three-month magazines, slides, films, videos, CDs and similar documents.

 3. Activities of Club:

Nature walks, camping, paintball, football, basketball, swimming, picnic, intellectual competitions, bike tours, chess, traveling to foreign countries and other activities.

4. Armada Dental Club created by:

Dr. Parviz Mammadov

Dr. Elshad Mammadov

Dr. Nazim Aliyev

5. A person who wished to be a member of the club should be:

a) a dentist or a dental technician

b) to be over the age of 18 years.

6. How to join the club?

Filling in the form of application the person who becomes a member of the club, will submit to the Board 2 photos in 3×4 and offers of two members. Board within one month accepts or refuses the membership

7. Persons who join the club will get a card confirming membership in the club. When one exits the membership  he/she must return the card back.

8. The benefits that receive members:

– Certain percent discounts on paid courses and seminars to be held in Armada Dental Academy.

– Free subscription to Dental Media, published by the ADA.

– Discounts and bonuses from certain firms and shops